Reading…Will be an outgrowth of conversation where the students will have the opportunity to increase their skills in the Greek Language.

Language…The greater the progress the more proficient the student becomes in a language. At this stage the student will have a spoken vocabulary, a written vocabulary, and reading abilities. Conversational ability will be our first priority.

History…The knowledge of ancient cultures, especially one as rich as the Greeks, opens before us through History and Geography awareness of how the past impacts the future. The classical languages, as proven through SAT scores, will enhance the students’ knowledge of English Language Arts/Math & Science and Social Studies.

Religion… Guides the students through a course of study that blends the teaching of religious stories, explanation, and observance of religious days, and classroom work in the Church into a satisfying religious experience.

  • To increase potential for communication between home and school.
  • To provide increased opportunities for enrichment activities.
  • To correlate school learning and outside interests.
  • To develop within each student the responsibility for completing and returning homework assignments.

Collective Worship Policy

An Act of Collective Worship will take place every day. The time at which this takes place and the form of the Collective Worship (whole school, team or class groupings) may vary from day to day. The majority of the Acts of Collective Worship will be mainly of a broadly Orthodox Christian character. Every child will take part in the Act of Collective Worship unless withdrawn by his/her parents/guardians and the school is notified ahead of time. Religious classes are mandatory for all students.

Ethnic Celebrations and Performing Arts

Performing Arts are an important part of the curriculum at Hellenic American Academy. Students are required to participate in the Christmas Program, Three Hierarchs, and the Greek Independence Day Program. These celebrations are part of each student’s Greek Cultural grade and attendance is mandatory. All students are to wear Greek costumes for the Greek Independence Day celebration. Students participate in the Greek Independence Day parade in Lowell and if they choose, may also participate in the Greek Independence Day parade in Boston.