Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to be Greek to attend Hellenic American Academy?
No. We accept all children regardless of their ethnicity or nationality and look forward to teaching the benefits of the Greek language.

Q: What happens with a transfer student who has never taken a language before?
A: Regardless of language background or experience, each newly enrolled child is assessed and placed at an appropriate level within his or her language class and curriculum.

Q: What criteria are reviewed in the admission process?
A: Admission, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or language background, is open to any child from PreK through
Grade 6.

Q: What is the current student/teacher ratio?
A: Per pupil ratio is one full-time teacher to 8 students. Class size varies from grade to grade.

Q: Do students participate in religious classes?
A: The Academy’s curriculum is enriched by teaching Greek language, history, culture and Orthodox Christian faith.

Q: Does the Academy have a dress code?
A: Uniforms are required for all students enrolled in PreK through Grade 6.

Q: What technology do the students and faculty have access to?
A: The Academy has a fully-equipped wireless Computer/Technology Lab, as well as a Science Lab with interactive Smart Boards. The Academy has wireless capability and each classroom has computer access.

Q: Does the Academy have educational partnerships and who are they with?
A: The Academy has strong educational/cultural partnerships with area museums and schools.

Q: Does the Academy perform standardized testing and what are the results?
A: The majority of Academy students continually perform in above average range on national standardized tests.

Q: Does the Academy have a nurse?
A: The Academy has a part-time, licensed registered nurse and private health room.

Q: Does the Academy have sports programs?
A: The Academy is a member of the Ecumenical Council League. Programs include cross country, basketball and kickball.. Additionally, the Academy has a ski club partnership with Nashoba Valley Ski Area.

Q: Why study Greek?
A:Regardless of entry level or previous language experience, students are assessed and placed appropriately in Greek classes with the potential for improved SAT scores, favored admission to leading high schools and colleges, improved reading skills, broaden English vocabulary, sharpened analytical skills, broadened understanding of word formation.