Friend Referral Discount

The Hellenic American Academy Family andFriends Referral Program offers a $300 tuition discount per referral to anyone referring a newly enrolled fulltime PreK-8 student to the Academy.

If you recommend the Academy to any family whose children are not currently enrolled in the Academy, we willdiscount your tuition by $300 for the first year that student enrolls. There is no limit to the amount of $300discounts applied to your tuition. If the new family enrolls three children, that would equate to a $900 discount toyour tuition payments. The $300 amount will be deducted from the referring family’s last tuition payment.

To properly acknowledge you, have the referring family mention your name to the Academy upon registration.Once the child enrolls, your information will be documented to receive a reimbursement based on the number ofstudent’s referred and enrolled.

We know that word of mouth endorsements are one of the most powerful forms of recommendations anyone canoffer. Your support in attracting new students to the HAA is greatly appreciated.