Welcome to Hellenic American Academy.

Founded in 1906 by Greek immigrants, the Academy continues to provide a safe and nurturing family environment that challenges students to achieve their highest level of academic performance, stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop personal growth and responsibility. The Orthodox Christian faith and practicing philanthropy and growth on a personal and academic level are the values on which we base our foundation.

Today, our students, from PreK through grade 6, come from a variety of religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. A sense of excitement, joy, and expectation is evident as staff members and students support our mission, values and vision.

The Academy’s educational foundation and licensed teaching faculty allows students to learn and grow in all academic areas, as well as in their individual skills and interests. Our urban location promotes access to a wide variety of cultural and educational connections. Graduates achieve success in their professional endeavors while carrying forth a personal commitment to care and serve others, instilled during their time here.

Welcome to Hellenic American Academy where each child is closely supported through small, intimate settings that help them develop to their fullest potential. We look forward to continuing to nurture and grow together in our family oriented atmosphere through the years ahead and to future generations.