Greek Teachers

Voula Tsiantkos

Ms. Voula Tsiantikos, Greek Teacher, Grades Pre K-2

Ms. Tsiantikos has been teaching at the Hellenic American Academy since 2012. She was born in Lowell but spent most of my life in Greece. She graduated from the University of Rhodes in Greece majoring in early childhood education. While in Greece, Voula worked at a daycare teaching preschool and kindergarten students. She interned at a special needs school for young children. Voula is excited to be teaching students the Greek language and culture.

Maria Booras

Mrs. Maria Booras, Greek Teacher, Grades 3-8

Mrs. Booras has been working at the Hellenic American Academy for 10 years. She taught in the preschool program for three years and taught Greek cultural studies for the past seven years. She teaches the Greek language, history, traditional dancing and the Greek Orthodox religion. During the course of the year, Ms. Booras instructs her students through multiple lenses to provide the children with a holistic understanding of the Greek culture.